Tonio Burgos on the value of building bridges, making connections.

At TB&A we build bridges.

Whether it’s the development of a long-term strategy, building relationships to civic and government leaders, or moving legislation, at TB&A we dedicate ourselves to assisting our clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

When I started this business 25 years ago, I envisioned a different type of strategic planning firm. My goal? A firm that not only understood the importance of proper introductions, but also one that devoted itself every day to accomplishing the short- and long-term plans of its clients. Getting our clients to where they want to be is our focus. Building the bridges to get them there is our method.

Today, TB&A does just that.

Our exemplary team of professionals is dedicated to our clients. Our team advisors provide excellent client service because they possess a deep expertise drawn from a broad range of public and private sectors.

I am proud to say that TB&A is exactly the kind of firm I envisioned. Everyday, we are committed to our clients’ interests, and we strive to help move them toward their goals.

Tonio Burgos